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yeah, well...

I have been busy alternating between working myself to death and vegetating offline and just today I uploaded more entries than I have in the past few weeks I think, so here I am with one more gasp as I fall over...

I work a double shift every Monday (starting Sunday night) these days and most of the time I am actually working at work (as opposed to letting the writer ramble on for all the voices in my head to vie over as I was doing for a while) and then there's my younger roommate who's on summer break who's always home who's distracting me with music (next Sunday, before a double shift, we'll be going to Warped Tour, all-day)...

but today I uploaded eight different entries (from philo-spiritual ponderings to romance to pathos to written in a marathon last night at work and thought about how I've neglected my original public journal right here), which brings me to upload these words (must work in 3 hours, must sleep)... bless us all, every one...

hey, what do you expect on one half brain cell power?...

RealTime™ (with links to all of today's uploadeds) and life here now
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