candor (candor) wrote,

one a week?

will that satisfy me?... updating once a week, I mean... I doubt it... but that's almost what I've been doing in my diary that has become the primary babbling spot for me in recent times... I have updated a bit more in the new RealTime blog that is intended to be brief updates of real life offline for those who care and are in touch offline... and here, I am still not self-connected enough to be in touch with the part of me that started this journal all those years ago...

too much work and non-life stuff influencing me of late... no active activities, no exercise, no romance or passion, just a lot of daily life and taking care of others...

heck, I don't even have time to throw a pity party (though I don't think I want one, but I found the thought amusing)... summertime with a kid out of school at home makes for few self-moments... and at work I've actually been working on projects instead of writing, so...

the words pile up and sooner or later they will explode out of the finite space between my ears... hopefully they will make a little sense when they do :)

and I hope your life is fun, even if it's too busy for writing and keeping in touch... enjoy every moment as much as you can cuz that's what we're here for...
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