candor (candor) wrote,

privacy (part 2)

I guess the words I write are mine to do with as I wish and the words someone else writes are theirs to do with as they wish, so my part of any conversation is as private or public as I wish and any conversation considered for public exposure should be mutually wished (for public exposure... sometimes, even if it is mostly subconscious, I am deliberately obscure... I wonder why that is)... so for some this is a warning, for others a breath of fresh air, for some maybe a revelation is contained herein, but the point is that anyone who talks to me in any way becomes part of the story of my life and I am constantly writing the story of my life so it would be nice if you would not mind actually admitting to being part of it by being part of it in the words I write... but if you, for any reason at all, wish anything you say or write to me to be kept out of my public rambles, you need to let me know... especially now that you know I write about anything and hide nothing (or as little as possible) except what I am asked to hide and even then, I still write about it and might, depending upon how meaningful the experience/sharing was, eventually find a way to ramble on about it out in my journals (though all names are changed by default unless you specifically ask me to identify you by your real name)... ok?

PS... silence means it is ok, so speak if it is not.
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